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Note From Managing Director

Every living species on this living planet depends on renewable solar energy or face extinction – except perhaps us. For a few decades we thought that because of our abilities to harness nuclear energy we do not have to face the same predicament as other living things. Recently though, the tide has turned decisively towards renewable solar energy. One just has to look at the statistics of growth of solar energy usage worldwide. Recently during may 2012 "German solar power plants produced a world record 22 gigawatts of electricity per hour – equal to 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity" Link In Bangladesh our commitment to solar energy has been half-hearted at best. Yes, we have required solar energy usage to new high-rise buildings (3% solar energy requirement) and yes the government has financed few demo projects- but in the process we have created an environment that locks out advanced in new technology from Bangladesh. For example, project Builders Limited has faced tremendous resistance in introducing more cost-effective Thin Film Technology in the country. Although, in every country (including our neighbour India) Thin Film Technology has been accepted as the preferred technology for solar power generation.

Solar energy presents a special opportunity for Bangladesh. Only about 30 percent of the rural households in Bangladesh have access to grid electricity. Solar energy presents the only realistic opportunity to introduce electricity to the majority of rural Bangladesh. Corporate social responsibility has always guided Project Builders Limited in the way it executes all projects. Founding of PBL Solar Inc. is another example of how we promote and foster Corporate Social Responsibility. PBL Solar Inc. would not limit ourselves to big government projects – we will strive to bring affordable solar energy to the average Bangladeshi families in every part of the country. In pursuing solar energy projects in Bangladesh, we will bring to the country the best and the most cost-effective technology from all over the world. In many cases we hope to manufacture key components of a solar power system right in Bangladesh. In the process we hope to bring new job opportunities to the Bengali youth.