Organizational Background

Of all the activities in a developing country Civil and Mechanical Engineering works probably occupy the most important position. For development of infra-structural facilities, for construction of mills and factories, multi-storied buildings, to provide ample accommodation to the growing population, to develop sewerage and drainage systems to construct power station, to construct barrages, bridges and dams, to resist erosion of towns, to protect villages and cultivable land from being devoured by streams and rivers, the civil and mechanical construction is indispensably required. In case of Bangladesh this requirement is all the more conspicuous.

Before the liberation of Bangladesh, such an important sector of national activities was mainly under the domain of contractors having very little engineering background. There were only few engineering companies having requisite qualification, experience and equipment to undertake standard construction works and they could hardly cope up with the volume of works in the country. The highly educated and experienced young engineers' who were so long indifferent to establish independent business organization; and avail this opportunity to prove their skill in the field, however, soon realized the situation and came forward to participate in the development activities of the country as independent construction firms or company with their educational background, experience and skill.

Of the few companies, which thus came up to prove their merit in this field and established to a position of appreciation and reliability, PROJECT BUILDERS LTD., is probably one the most well known ones. PROJECT BUILDERS LIMITED was established as a firm in the year 1976 and with a view to make significant contribution in the field of civil and mechanical engineering construction. Within a short span of time it registered a phenomenal rise in the field of civil, mechanical and building works and now is recognized as one of the leading civil and mechanical construction companies in the country.     

After the incorporation of the firm as Private Limited Company in the year 1977, it not only successfully completed quite a number of important and sophisticated projects under Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC), Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB), Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC), Bangladesh Mineral Exploration & Development Corporation (BMEDC), Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC), Bangladesh Public Works Department (BPWD) and Roads & Highways Department (RHD) etc. but also has a good number of prestigious projects in hand.

The Directors of the Company are all professional engineers of various discipline Civil and Mechanical. All of them have sufficient proven experience and they served in different private and public sector organizations before joining PROJECT BUILDERS LTD. In addition to the Directors, the company is manned by well experienced engineers and other technical and professional people. Liaison with the clients are directly maintained by the concerned Director/Directors and senior key personnel assist them in the process. Senior personnel are supported by adequate number of junior level professionals and supporting technical staff. Inter project exchanges of expertise and manpower are very conveniently organized when necessity arises.

The managerial, secretarial, accounts and general staff are also well experienced and are quite conversant with various modes of technical works. They can perform the assignments with minimum supervision.

PROJECT BUILDERS LIMITED attaches prime importance to following time schedules and principle of quality work. Time is money and quality of work is the certificate of the company's experience, skill and reliability. These principles have been maintained in all small and high works undertaken by the company so far. The company has already earned a good reputation in the country due to strict adherence to these principles.

The Company undertaken all sort of building works including multi-stored commercial buildings, heavy structures like silos and jetties. It has already successfully completed construction of few warehouse, residential building, power station, cooling tower, a number of other works such as residential accommodations for industrial project, construction of cement silos deep foundation work, bridges, Godown and ancillary works. A number of very important project currently on going are in hand.

List of the major works already completed and some of those are under execution have been furnished herewith showing estimated costs with the due and expected dates of completion.

We are enlisted in the class-I category with many Government and semi Government Organization. The company is also enlisted in the Class-I category with Public Works Department for undertaking sanitary and plumbing works.

We are also qualified to undertake electrical installation works of A, B & C Classes. The company has A, B & C Electrical Licence No.C-9/2229 issued by the Electrical Licensing Board, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

The Company is well equipped with plants, machineries and equipment for undertaking construction works of all types. New equipments are constantly being acquired to keep us competitive in the profession.

Project Builders Ltd. being private Limited Company the Owner Directors of the Company of the Company have some other companies (Proprietorship & Private Ltd.) doing Business independently in some other fields as a Sister Concern of Project Builders Ltd.